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June 28, 2010

The World Joins Hands Against Offshore Drilling

Across time zones and oceans, a single wave in solidarity against offshore drilling spread around the globe this past Saturday. 

At 12:00PM local time, Hands Across the Sand began in New Zealand and continued on to Hawaii more than 12 hours later. Thousands of people joined hands on beaches across the world to draw attention to the need for clean, sustainable energy. 

In Washington, DC, supporters joined hands at the White House to show their solidarity with Hands Across the Sand, the grassroots organizers of the global event.  Ethan Nuss of the Energy Action Coalition rallied the crowd of over 100 on Pennsylvania Ave Saturday afternoon. Oceana was among the sponsors of the event, along with other environmental groups, and was on hand to help stand up to offshore drilling and our dangerous dependence on oil. 

Thanks to all who joined hands in support of renewable energy! If you haven’t already, join the call to end offshore drilling: sign our petition to Stop The Drill.