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April 16, 2008

You better Google me, baby

Google has given us interactive maps of the Earth, the refrain for Teyana Taylor’s MTV jam “Google Me” and now, in honor of Earth Day next Tuesday, they are helping us raise money. Using Google Checkout, you can make a donation to Oceana on behalf of your friends and family. When you donate, Google Maps will create a marker for you and if your friends and family decide to donate too, then their markers will be added to the map, and so forth. Click here to participate.It’s a great idea for visualizing the scope of your impact and it’s especially nice on my end, because Google has done most of the heavy lifting for this project. To that end, and no offense to Yahoo, MSN, or the shoal of other search engines guiding traffic on the internet, Google is so much cooler. Gmail and Google News are as essential as water, and what could be sweeter than a word in the dictionary sandwiched somewhere between goofy and googly-eyed?This is cool too.