Cabrera National Park - Oceana USA

Cabrera National Park

The Balearic Islands include the Cabrera National Park (Parque Nacional del Archipiélago de Cabrera).

The park is a cruising destination and boats may anchor in the islands natural harbors, though access to some areas of the coast is prohibited due to ecological sensitivity. The Cabrera National Park is made up of 19 small islands with an area of 1,318 hectares on land, as well as a maritime area of 8,703 hectares.

The National Park is crucial for migratory and sea birds including: the Balearic shearwater, Audouin’s gull, Cory’s shearwater, shag, osprey, Eleonora’s falcon and the peregrine falcon. In total, over 130 species of migratory birds use the National Park over the course of the year. During our 2006 expedition, Oceana identified a dozen ecosystems and nearly 300 species within the National Park.