Dive/Snorkel Excursion to Placencia, Belize - March 29 – April 1, 2010 - Oceana USA

Dive/Snorkel Excursion to Placencia, Belize – March 29 – April 1, 2010


Whale SharkDuring the months of March through July, Belize offers divers and snorkelers the unique opportunity for spotting the large pelagic feeder known as the Whale Shark. Despite its enormous size, they do not pose any significant danger to humans. They are a frequently cited example when educating the public about the popular misconceptions of all sharks as “man-eaters.”  

Whale sharks seasonally visit Gladden Spit, a marine reserve located 26 miles off the coast of Placencia in southern Belize to feed on the spawn of aggregating Cubera Snappers. This period is also the spawning season for many other species of fish and mating season for turtles.

We’re glad you have chosen to be a part of this small group of Oceana supporters as we search for the magnificent whale shark.  You have chosen to dive or snorkel based on your level of experience. The day will conclude with an evening affair with Belize’s Minister of Tourism, the Honorable Manuel Heredia, Jr., Oceana scientists and fellow supporters.  Our first day will be spent diving or snorkeling on the Inner Reef – for a total of two days of in-the-water activities with your favorite charity!  

Also, we will be joined by photographer Tony Rath to help us document our time underwater. You may view his work here.

Please be sure to fill out all of the forms below and fax or email them to Mimi Hemphill before March 25th. You may have already completed the registration form. If you have, there is no need to complete it again.


Prior to boarding, each participant must review and sign the following legal forms from the Gladdin Spit Marine Reserve, Oceana and Avadon Divers, the dive boat company.


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Belize Registration Form


Waivers, Liability, and Release Forms (opens new window)

Diving Liability Release Oceana Waiver and Release
Standard Safe Diving Practices Whale Shark Release Form

Contact information:

Mimi Hemphill – mhemphill@oceana.org 
202-467-1926(Direct) or 202-415-1698(Cell)


Caroline Ketzler – cketzler@oceana.org


Oceana fax number –

Hotel information :

Laru Beya Resort and Villas
Placencia Peninsula
Placencia,Belize, C.A.
USA dial: 1-888-297-1038
From other countries: 00-501-523-3476
Fax: 00-501-523-3483