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Gulf Oil Spill Information Center

The Deepwater Drilling Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has exposed the dangers of offshore drilling to our ocean ecosystems, coastal economies and worker safety.

It is time for the U.S. to recognize that the risks of offshore drilling far outweigh any benefits. Despite the oil industry’s statements, events like this will happen again unless we act to prevent them.

Oceana is calling for an immediate ban on all new drilling in U.S. waters.

Oceana’s Response

Find out how Oceana is leading the charge in response to the oil spill.

What You Can Do

Learn how you can help, whether you are in the Gulf region or not. You can start by signing the petition to President Obama and Congress to Stop the Drill.

Facts About the Oil Spill

Learn more about the effect of the oil spill on marine life and fisheries, the options for cleaning it up, and read safety claims made by the industry.