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How To Use The Seismic Vessel Tracking Map

The time slider at the bottom automatically animates the map over the past 30 days — it can be manually paused, dragged forward or backward and used to select a specific date range. Click “CLEAR” to remove any date filters applied. The gray bars inside of the time slider show the quantity of AIS signals received from these vessels each day by Global Fishing Watch.

Search for vessels by name, International Maritime Organization (IMO) number or flag state (country) in the upper right corner by clicking the blue search field at the bottom.

Filter the map to show an individual vessel or multiple vessels by clicking on the corresponding vessel(s) information and clicking “LOCK.” Click “UNLOCK” to remove the filter.

The values* next to each vessel’s information indicates the number of AIS signals received by Global Fishing Watch from that vessel over the time period selected.

Layers in the upper left corner can be turned on and off, including countries’ exclusive economic zones (EEZ), the proposed “blast zone” and regions with a moratorium on oil and gas leasing.

Zoom in and out using the +/- symbols in the bottom left corner.