International Efforts - Oceana USA

International Efforts

Though Oceana focuses primarily on U.S. sea turtle conservation, the campaign also works to achieve international sea turtle conservation.

This includes supporting a ban on the importation of seafood products that were caught in a way that harms or kills sea turtles.

Oceana also sends representatives and makes formal presentations to the annual International Sea Turtle Symposium, collaborates with sea turtle scientists and advocates around the world, and encourages the U.S. government to continue to be a leader in sea turtle conservation.

Oceana has also worked in the western Mediterranean Sea and the Canary Islands to tag sea turtles and track their migratory patterns. These sorts of studies help scientists gain information about sea turtle life history, including the threats they face, as they spend most of their lives out at sea. The information helps us better manage the human activities — like fishing — that endanger sea turtles.