Oceana Photo Petition Terms of Service - Oceana USA

Oceana Photo Petition Terms of Service

Thank you for helping Oceana and its campaigns by volunteering to participate in our Wind Turbine Photo Petition Drive to help ban offshore drilling and promote offshore wind.

  1. I have agreed to be photographed by Oceana, Inc. (“Oceana”) and its representatives without compensation.
  2. I give Oceana permission to use my name, photograph, and likeness (“Likeness”) for the above purposes.  I release Oceana, its staff, volunteers and directors from any liability for use of my Likeness in emails, Public Service Announcements, newsletters, the Internet, Oceana’s Facebook page, and any and all other media, promotions, or publications. 
  3. Oceana owns all rights in perpetuity to the material (i.e, images in all formats and media) that result from my participation in this program.  That is, if my participation is determined to be a “work for hire,” I agree that such copyrights belong to Oceana, and if not, I convey to Oceana such copyrights in exchange for participation in this program and other consideration.
  4. I understand that by signing this release form that I will receive periodic communications from Oceana.