Illegal fishing not only jeopardizes food security, it also compromises the health of the oceans.  However, we cannot solve what we cannot see. That’s why Oceana partnered with SkyTruth and Google to create an online transparency tool called Global Fishing Watch, which offers the first global view of commercial fishing activity. Introduced with an award-winning launch in September 2016, Global Fishing Watch allows anyone with an internet connection to monitor and track the activities of the world’s largest fishing vessels in near real-time, for free. This resource can help governments monitor fishing vessels in their waters; enforcement agencies prioritize problem areas and vessels of concern; researchers study the impact of fishing on ocean health; and fishery managers, conservation organizations and fishermen identify potential unauthorized activity.

Oceana uses Global Fishing Watch as a tool to support its campaigns around the world, such as promoting responsible fishing, protecting habitat and ending illegal fishing. Oceana analysts also proactively monitor and investigate commercial fishing activities, shining a light on suspicious activities at sea. With transparent oceans, everyone can see what’s happening beyond the horizon and better address threats to the abundance of our marine ecosystem.