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National Business Coalition for the Oceans

Uniting to protect our oceans and the coastal communities and businesses that depend on them



Bringing Business And Conservation Together

Our clean coast economy supports around 3.3 million American jobs and $250 billion in gross domestic product through activities like tourism, recreation, and fishing. For years, coastal business leaders have joined in the fight against offshore drilling. Building on that success, Oceana launched the National Business Coalition for the Oceans in June 2021, which works in partnership with Oceana to help win policy victories that protect and restore the world’s oceans.

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Oceana’s campaigns utilize grassroots organizing, in-house scientific experts and litigators, strategic communications, policy advocates, and dedicated allies like you to prevent the expansion of offshore oil drilling, stop overfishing, reduce bycatch, protect marine habitats, curb plastic pollution, stop illegal fishing, and increase transparency on the ocean and in the seafood supply chain. Protecting our oceans and the economy go hand in hand. Add your voice to the growing number of business leaders who are demanding a healthier, more abundant ocean today.

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