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Whale Safe Oceans

Whale Safe Oceans

Preventing Whale and Sea Turtle Entanglements in Fishing Gear off the U.S. West Coast



Whales and sea turtles are increasingly becoming entangled in fishing gear in the Pacific Ocean off the U.S. West Coast. Entanglements can be extremely painful for entangled animals and cause grim consequences as heavy fishing gear may prevent whales and sea turtles from feeding, migrating and even surfacing to breathe air. While several species of whales and sea turtles get entangled in fishing gear off the West Coast, it is particularly devastating to endangered humpback whales, blue whales, and Pacific leatherback sea turtles, all of which travel vast distances to feed in West Coast waters. These entanglements compounded with a myriad of other threats including ship strikes and ingesting plastics can impede the recovery of these endangered species.

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