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Opposition to New Offshore Drilling in the Pacific Ocean

Tell your members of Congress to oppose President Trump’s plan to expand dangerous offshore drilling for the health of the ocean, communities, and the local economy. Sign the petition here.



The Pacific coast is home to a diversity of marine life. Cold, nutrient-rich waters attract and support everything from tiny krill to huge whales, as well as some of the most lucrative fisheries in the nation. However, offshore drilling related spills and chronic oil leaks put wildlife, the ocean economy, and the health of communities at risk.

In April 2017, a Presidential Executive Order threatened to re-open the Pacific coast to expanded offshore oil and gas drilling, placing invaluable ocean resources and coastal economies at risk. Now is the time to protect the coast from expanded offshore drilling.

Fortunately, nationwide opposition to offshore oil and gas drilling has been mounting for years. Currently, more than 320 municipalities across the country have formally opposed the expansion of offshore oil and gas drilling activities, including over 85 along the Pacific coast. These dirty and dangerous drilling proposals put at risk nearly 746,000 West Coast jobs and $53 billion in gross domestic product (GDP) that rely on healthy ocean ecosystems and a clean marine environment.

Many West Coast leaders vocally oppose expanded offshore oil drilling including California Governor Jerry Brown, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Oregon Governor Kate Brown, California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the California Fish and Game Commission, the California State Lands Commission, and the California Coastal Commission. Local communities are making their voices heard by passing resolutions opposing expanded offshore drilling along the Pacific coast.

Map of municipalities that have adopted resolutions (pink stars) opposing offshore drilling. Click on each city/county to view additional information and link to resolution text.


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Opposition from Municipalities and Counties

  1. Trinidad, CA: passed 12/12/2018
  2. Pacific Grove, CA: passed 10/17/2018
  3. Costa Mesa, CA: passed 10/16/2018 
  4. Cotati, CA: passed 09/25/2018
  5. Seattle, WA: passed 09/10/2018
  6. Carlsbad, CA: passed 08/28/2018
  7. Rancho Palos Verde, CA: Sent letter to BOEM 08/21/2018
  8. Gold Beach, OR: passed 08/13/2018
  9. Culver City, CA: passed 07/23/18
  10. Lincoln City, OR: passed 7/9/2018
  11. Ventura, CA: sent letter to Senator Feinstein 07/09/2018
  12. Norwalk, CA: passed 06/26/18
  13. Alameda County, CA: passed 06/05/18
  14. Chula Vista, CA: passed 5/22/2018
  15. Dana Point, CA: passed 04/24/18
  16. Santa Clarita: passed 4/10/2018
  17. Yachats, OR: passed 04/04/18
  18. Pacifica, CA: passed 03/26/18
  19. Raymond, WA: passed 03/19/18
  20. Petaluma, CA: passed 03/19/18
  21. Monterey, CA: sent letter to BOEM 03/08/2018
  22. Redondo Beach, CA passed 03/6/18
  23. Toledo, OR: passed 03/07/18
  24. San Diego, CA: passed 03/06/18
  25. Santa Monica, CA passed 03/06/18
  26. Newport, OR: passed 03/05/2018
  27. Grover Beach, CA: passed 03/05/18
  28. Aberdeen, WA: passed 02/28/18
  29. Oceanside, CA: passed 02/28/18
  30. Clallam County, WA: passed 02/27/18
  31. Humboldt County, CA: passed 02/27/18
  32. Morro Bay, CA: passed 02/27/18
  33. Carpinteria, CA: sent letter 02/26/18
  34. Pacific County, WA:  passed 02/13/18
  35. San Diego County, CA: voted 02/13/18; sent letter 03/09/18
  36. Los Angeles County, CA: passed 02/13/18
  37. Point Arena, CA: passed 02/13/18
  38. Fort Bragg, CA: passed 02/12/18
  39. Scotts Valley, CA: passed 02/07/18
  40. Windsor, CA: passed 02/07/18
  41. Half Moon Bay, CA: passed 02/06/18
  42. Manhattan Beach, CA: passed 02/06/18
  43. Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA: passed 02/06/18
  44. West Hollywood, CA: passed 02/05/18
  45. Santa Barbara County, CA: passed 01/30/18
  46. Marin County, CA: 01/30/18
  47. Westport, WA: 01/29/18
  48. Sonoma County, CA: 01/29/18
  49. Capitola, CA: passed 01/25/18
  50. Solana Beach, CA: passed 01/24/18
  51. Encinitas, CA: passed 01/24/18
  52. Contra Costa County, CA: passed 01/23/18
  53. San Mateo County, CA: passed 01/23/18
  54. Pismo Beach, CA: sent letter to BOEM 01/11/2018
  55. San Mateo, CA: passed 04/16/18
  56. Mendocino County, CA: passed 01/23/18
  57. Ventura County, CA: passed 01/23/18
  58. Ocean Shores, WA: passed 01/22/18
  59. Imperial Beach, CA: passed 01/17/18
  60. San Francisco, CA: passed 01/09/18
  61. Watsonville, CA: passed 12/12/17
  62. Santa Cruz City, CA: passed 12/05/17 and sent letter 01/18/18
  63. Santa Cruz County, CA: passed 11/14/17
  64. Laguna Beach, CA: passed 11/07/17
  65. Marina, CA: passed 11/07/17
  66. Ojai, CA: passed 10/24/17
  67. Monterey County, CA: passed 10/24/17
  68. Oakland, CA: passed 10/17/17
  69. Del Mar, CA: sent letter 10/16/17
  70. Goleta, CA: passed 10/03/17
  71. San Luis Obispo, CA: passed 10/03/17
  72. Berkeley, CA: passed 09/12/17
  73. Malibu, CA: passed 09/10/17
  74. Arcata, CA: passed 09/06/17
  75. Santa Barbara, CA: passed 07/25/17
  76. Los Angeles, CA: passed 04/28/17
  77. Port Orford City Council: Awaiting resolution copy
  78. San Luis Obispo County: Awaiting resolution copy
  79. Richmond, CA: Awaiting resolution copy
  80. San Leandro, CA: Awaiting resolution copy
  81. Los Osos, CA: Awaiting resolution copy 
  82. Hoquiam, WA: Awaiting resolution copy
  83. Ilwaco, WA: Awaiting resolution copy
  84. Long Beach, WA: Awaiting resolution copy
  85. Montesano, WA: Awaiting resolution copy
  86. South Bend, WA: Awaiting resolution copy

Tribal Councils


Fishing Groups

  • Pacific Fishery Management Council: sent letter to Interior Secretary Zinke requesting that the West Coast be removed from the Draft Proposed Program 03/09/18
  • North Pacific Fishery Management Council: sent letter to BOEM asking for the removal of areas from the Draft Proposed Program due to the "substantial risk to the sustainable management of Alaska's fisheries" 03/05/18


Business Opposition


Elected Officials Opposition


State Wildlife Commissions







For information on East Coast opposition to offshore drilling activites, please visit: stopthedrill.org