Beth White Collins - Oceana USA

Beth White Collins

Senior Director, Global Information Technology

Oceana Staff

Since I grew up in a small town in New York where the closest body of water was of the fresh – rather than salty – variety, I looked forward to our family vacations to the sea.  Spending hours at the beach without a care in the world is the best way to really relax and enjoy life.

To this day, one of my favorite ocean activities is snorkeling, which I had the opportunity to do in Hawaii’s Oahu Bay for the first time.  The beauty of underwater life one is exposed to when snorkeling in a place like Oahu is truly unforgettable.  It was probably these excursions around marine habitats that fuel my interest and drive to help protect the oceans.

When I think about the oceans, I often think of that spectacular and serene shade of blue they reflect, especially the closer one travels toward the equator.  It is so calming and beautiful, yet has so much lying hidden below the surface.  Unfortunately, despite being a whole different world — and covering the vast majority of our planet — we have abused our oceans with little, if any, regard for the life that inhabits them.

I work at Oceana so I can do my part to help end the abuse before the damage inflicted is irreversible.  My job is to keep our staff online and make sure everyone, whether in our Chilean, European, or American office, has access to the technology he or she needs to keep our campaigns running smoothly.  I stand behind Oceana’s campaign-focused approach as I’ve seen it work by setting reasonable goals, and accomplishing those goals one step at a time.  So long as we stay focused and keep achieving victories for our oceans, I’m optimistic that my children and my children’s children will always be able to appreciate family vacations to the beach, as well as everything else the ocean holds.