Chandler Iley - Oceana USA

Chandler Iley

Executive Assistant for Global Development

Oceana Staff

Chandler Iley is Oceana’s Executive Assistant for Global Development and joined Oceana in December 2022. 

Chandler has a master’s degree in healthcare administration from the Carilion Clinic, a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology and health sciences from Virginia Commonwealth University, and is certified as an emergency medical technician. Prior to working for Oceana, Chandler worked for a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for two years.  

Post-undergraduate, Chandler worked as an ocean rescue lifeguard in Corolla, North Carolina on the Outer Banks and as a ski patrolman in Park City, Utah. While working as an emergency healthcare responder in North Carolina and Utah, Chandler developed a unique relationship with Earth and the abundant natural beauty surrounding him. Chandler’s eagerness to protect the Earth’s exquisite natural life is like waves breaking on sandy shores; unwavering and infinite.