Jamie Karnik - Oceana USA

Jamie Karnik

Pacific Communications Manager

Oceana Staff

As Pacific Communications Manager, Jamie Karnik informs and engages the public about Oceana’s campaign work off the U.S. west coast from the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean to the warm shores of California.

He previously worked for Oceana from 2007 – 2010, supporting campaigns to protect forage species in Oregon and California, close important habitat areas in Alaska and off the west coast to destructive bottom trawling, support a prevention-based approach to protect the Arctic from potential industrial fishing, and numerous other Oceana campaign successes that led to meaningful protections for the oceans. After a few years away where he worked on renewable energy issues, maritime safety and with a small media firm creating short documentaries and other materials, Jamie returned to Oceana in 2018. He is glad to be back, working side by side with remarkable colleagues on a crucial mission at such an effective organization. Jamie spends his spare time on the trails, mountains and waters of Southeast Alaska, enjoying the natural world and remembering our place in it and our role in passing on a shared legacy for future generations.