New Government Data Finds Status of U.S. Fisheries is Still Largely Unknown    - Oceana USA

New Government Data Finds Status of U.S. Fisheries is Still Largely Unknown   

Almost Half of Federally Managed Fish Populations Have an Unknown Overfishing Status

Press Release Date: May 2, 2024



Megan Jordan | email: | tel: 202.868.4061

Today, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its updated “Status of the Stocks” report, which provides an annual summary of how U.S. fisheries are faring, including those that are below healthy levels (i.e., overfished), as well as those that are being caught at rates that are too high (i.e., subject to overfishing). This year’s report finds 47 fish stocks are overfished. The report also shows that fisheries managers do not have enough information to effectively manage almost half of U.S. fish populations.  

“It’s disappointing to — once again — see minimal progress to rebuild our nation’s struggling fisheries,” said Gib Brogan, fisheries campaign director at Oceana. “Hundreds of fish populations that are in need of conservation and management have an unknown status and that’s not acceptable. Healthy fisheries — when fish are caught at levels that allow the populations to recover and produce consistent catches — are critical to sustaining our nation, especially coastal communities and economies. We need government agencies to step up and insist on accountability and success. Delaying needed action harms not just our oceans, but also the people and communities that depend on these fisheries. NOAA is not upholding its responsibility to keep America’s fisheries abundant and thriving, and that needs to reverse course.”  

Oceana is urgently calling on Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo and NOAA to take immediate action to improve fisheries management across the country to protect American fishermen and create resilient oceans and coastal economies.