Save the Oceans: Feed the World - Oceana USA

Report | April, 2014

Save the Oceans: Feed the World


This brochure outlines how saving the world’s oceans can help to feed the 9 billion people projected to be on earth by 2050. It explains how implementing science based fisheries management in the 25 countries that control more than 75 percent of the world’s fish stocks – specifically measures that reduce overfishing, protect habitat and limit bycatch – will increase fish stocks to the point that wild seafood could sustainably feed 700 million people a day.

If this type of science-based management is implemented in the top 25 countries, Oceana believes the result can be an increase in global fish stocks, making wild fish more accessible to artisanal fishermen and hungry people around the world while also providing protection for important ocean ecosystems, habitats and biodiversity.