Sample Letter to Senator - Oceana USA

Sample Letter to Senator

You can use this as a guide when writing to your Senators about offshore drilling:

Senator ___



Dear Senator ___,

(INTRO) I am writing to strongly urge you to take a stand against offshore oil drilling. As the recent disastrous events in the Gulf prove, offshore drilling is inherently dirty and dangerous.

(PERSONAL CONNECTION TO ISSUE) I grew up going to the beach, and my heart goes out to the parents in the Gulf region who have to explain to their children why they will not be going to the beach this year. We must protect our beaches and coastlines for the sake of those who depend on them for recreation and income.

(WRAP UP FIRMLY) Please support a ban on offshore oil drilling, and vote against any bill that expands offshore drilling, so events like the Deepwater Drilling Disaster never happen again.


(Your name)

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