Seco de Palos Mountains - Oceana USA

Seco de Palos Mountains

In 2007, Oceana was the first organization to capture images of the Seco de Palos sub-marine mountain range.

Due to its location at the top of a deep ridge, the seamount was believed to have been relatively untouched by  trawling and still supports diverse sea life, ranging from sharpnose seven-gill sharks to deep-sea corals.

The Seco de Palos underwater mountain range lies 35 miles off the Murcia coast, ranging from 100 to 3,000 meters in depth. The area is home to many pelagic species, including pilot whales, sea turtles, sea birds, swordfish and sunfish.

As part of the expedition, Oceana captured pictures of deep-sea gadellas, dragonets, swordfish, bottlenose dolphins, long-finned pilot whales, red gorgonians moray eels, conger eels, white grouper, ocean sunfish, a sharpnose seven-gill shark, greater forkbeards and scale-rayed wrasse.

Along with the wealth of marine species, the mountain range is also home to a wide assortment of remnant fishing gear, revealing just how sensitive and historically exploited this area truly is.