New Law in Washington State Reduces Plastic Waste - Oceana USA

Victory | April 20, 2023

New Law in Washington State Reduces Plastic Waste

Following campaigning by Oceana, the Plastics Free Washington Coalition, and other allies, a new law passed in Washington that increases access to refillable water bottle options, requires hotels to eliminate single-use plastics for personal care products, and reduces pollution from plastic foam-filled floats and docks. Specifically, it requires that new buildings constructed with water fountains also contain bottle refilling stations; phases out the use of small plastic containers, wrappers, and packaging for personal care items like shampoo or soap by hotels and other lodging establishments; bans soft plastic film-wrapped floats and docks; and mandates a study of hard-shell, foam-filled floats and docks. A 2023 poll conducted by Oceana found that 92% of Washington voters are concerned about single-use plastic products and 87% support local and state policies that reduce single-use plastic.