Panama Commits to Reduce Plastic Pollution - Oceana USA

Victory | March 2, 2023

Panama Commits to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Panama announced a bold commitment to reduce plastic pollution during the 8th annual Our Ocean conference in Panama City. The new measures will stop more than 160,000 tons of plastic that is imported and consumed in the country each year, according to the government. Panama plans to eliminate single-use plastic items including utensils and cups in three years. In five years, the country will reduce the import and consumption of plastic packaging by 30%, including plastic foam food containers. In seven years, Panama will reduce the import of virgin plastic by at least 20%, and, in no later than 10 years from now, it will reduce the sale and import of both single-use plastic and virgin plastic by 50%. Oceana was instrumental in achieving this commitment and advised Panamanian officials on effective measures to reduce single-use plastics at the source.