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Coral Reefs Turning Silent from Overfishing, Other Human Impacts

Did you know that coral reefs are home to about one fourth of all marine life? As the most diverse of the marine ecosystems, they’re aptly nicknamed “rainforests of the sea,” says the Smithsonian. With all of the spawning, feeding, and other activity occurring on coral reefs, it’s no surprise that coral reefs are actually … Read more

Ocean Roundup: Rufa Red Knot Receives Federal Protection, New Ancient Mollusk Discovered in the Arctic, and More

– Yesterday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed the rufa subspecies of the red knot as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The new rule prohibits killing, hunting, or harming these shorebirds in any form. The Associated Press – New research shows that shallow water soft-corals, gorgonian corals, are more resilient to climate change … Read more

Creature Feature: Magellanic Penguin

You’re probably familiar with at least a few penguin species—like the emperor penguin, which got its claim to fame in the movie Happy Feet, or the Galapagos penguin, which is the only species naturally found north of the Equator. In this Creature Feature, we’re shedding light on a penguin that’s less well known but equally … Read more

Ocean Roundup: Seafood Fraud Cases Declining with Staff Cuts, Settlement Reached for Arctic Drilling Violations, and More

– Noble Drilling (U.S.) LLC—the company that operated oil rigs in Royal Dutch Shell’s 2012 controversial Arctic drilling season—agreed to pay $12.2 in fines for safety violations. The settlement also includes issues with the Kulluk drilling rig, which ran aground in December 2012 off of Kodiak Island. Alaska Dispatch News – In a rare stranding … Read more

Video: Incredible Sperm Whale Birth Caught on Film

Spotting elusive, deep-diving marine animals in the wild is certainly a treat for anyone, but catching them engaging in particularly rare behavior like giving birth or bubble-netting is especially rewarding. Recently, wildlife photographer Kurt Amsler was in the right place at the right time for capturing one of those very moments with sperm whales. In … Read more

Bycatch on the Menu at This Foodie Hotspot in New Orleans

In an attempt to highlight the issue of bycatch and change the general public’s opinions on often underappreciated fish, some chefs are serving-up bycatch at their restaurants. Bycatch (the incidental catch of non-target fish and other marine life) is thrown back into the ocean, often dead or dying, for many reasons. It can be the … Read more

Ocean Roundup: Most Distinct Humpback Whale Population Discovered, Sea Turtle Fossils Discovered in Australia, and More

– Scientists have found that humpback whales in the Arabian Sea are the most genetically distinct in the world. The scientists say they have remained isolated from other populations for 70,000 years—a trait that’s quite rare for animals that embark on such long migrations. Discovery News – Two fossils discovered in a Melbourne, Victoria suburb … Read more